"what's all this nonsense, you say?"

It is an itch that needs to be scratched. An urge to create things and it has to be a reflection of our personality.

Because that is who we are.

Then who are we?

We are actually just a dude. We work reasonably hard to make a living. We get out and ride with friends as often as possible. Because that is important. Not just the ride, but the people who ride along.

Bbff's we call them.

Tova Series is the name of a personal project. It takes its name from a small tavern called 'La Tovasiere'. Situated high up in the Swiss Alps. You will pass it when you make the descend from the top of the mossettes to the village of morgins.

They serve homemade cheese, local beer and a delicious view.

 La Tovasierre, Morgins Switzerland 



"These are the places where you just end up after a days riding. Where you have a beer, a laugh and make fun of your friends because it took them so damn long to jump that double. Nothing special you think but for us that is a huge chunk of the pleasure we take from riding."

the project

Tova Series is originated in the Netherlands. It's a project about creating gear for riding. The idea has been brewing for a few years now and finally it is ready to take the first step. Long story short, we will be offering long sleeve cycling jerseys in the near future.

Play Series, Grey/Black Gold
Available early 2018

 Play Series, Burgundy Black
Available early 2018

This project is actually operated by one person and tons of spare time is the main investment for now. Hours have been spent on thinking, research, sketches, design, making this website, capturing content and sharing images of our rides. Some money has been spent on early samples but no following steps where made.

Tova Series, for now, is not a commercial brand but a personal project, born from the love for creation. It's a 'let's see where this ends up' kind of affair. The first step is to wait, wait for the samples to come in. These samples will be sold through our webshop. The money raised  from this first sale will be used to place a bigger order. It would be nice if we could grow from there. If not, no biggie. For now we leave you with this welcome note. Next time we will tell you something about the design process of our first jersey. Now it's time to ride, see you on the trails.